Iro Harada
Friendly, creative, optimistic, and a bit of a doormat, Iro's just trying to find his place in the world like a feather on the breeze. He's looking forward to making the most of his first days at Trueman University and wants to fill them with new friendships and new experiences, but the past isn't always left behind so easily.

Kit Hawthorne
She can come off as a bit abrasive and reckless at times, and more than a bit sarcastic, but she means well... usually. Kit is athletic, hardworking, protective, and fiercely loyal to the few people who she chooses to keep close to her... just don't get on her bad side. After a life spent sweating she's ready for a change, but what needs to change and what needs to stay the same?

Ben Greene
He's down to earth, studious, nerdy, and fiercely passionate about his interests... most of which involve gaming, computers, robotics, or anime. He's spent his life watching students come and go at Trueman University, so he knows the ropes and is used to knowing his place in the world... but how can he avoid ending up as just another cog in the machine?

Sonia Trueman
Shy, sweet, and innocent... at least on the surface. Sonia doesn't really like to rock the boat, and is used to leading a life full of hectic responsibilities, a big family, and going with the flow. With a new environment comes new challenges, however... how do you live up to your responsibilities without giving up who you are?

Jen Harada
Iro's mother. Artsy, nurturing, supportive to a fault, a worrier, occasionally airheaded.

Ken Harada
Iro's father. Fun-loving, athletic, a great cook, somewhat juvenile. Really likes the fun side of fatherhood.

Kai Laurent
Resident Advisor in Eloise Hall. She wants to do a good job as an RA, but having to enforce the rules makes her feel like kind of a square.

Carlos Alvarez
Resident Advisor in Eloise Hall. He REALLY wants Freshmen to have a good time, but can be... intense.

Eloise Trueman
Sonia's grandmother. Brisk, sharp, and has no time for nonsense between her busy corporate and family lives.

Beth, Trey, Tessa, Finn, & Seth Trueman
Sonia's 5 younger siblings, aged 15, 12, 9, and 6 respectively. All of them are a handful for different reasons.

Jimmy Jones
A bully at Iro & Kit's elementary school. Really into sports, being the best, normalcy, and punching. Also hats.

Erica Wang
A bully at Iro & Kit's elementary school. Loves pets more than they love her, and loves the status quo.

Zachary ?????????
His picture on Kit's phone is a pile of smelly poop.

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